Why Yahoo! and Gmail should never ever release a user ID to others?

I don’t know whether you noticed that In 2013 Yahoo announced that deactivated Yahoo IDs will be released… Yahoo asked people to register for their dreamed IDs…

I registered for aftabgardan[@]yahoo and fortunately after some time, Yahoo alerted me that I’m able to sign up for that ID.

I registered it for myself and now I am the owner of that ID.

Yesterday, I receivedĀ a newsletter from a university, so I noticed that previous owner has an account in that website… I tried to reset his/her password by typing my new email in “I forgot my password” section and I could reset the password and log in to his/her account!!!!!

It is a really terrible idea!!

I’m really afraid of the future!! If after some time, for example google free up my accounts, do you know what happens!? All of the websites in which I’ve registered could be under control of the next owner of my account!

It is the reason which I can be sure that Yahoo and Gmail should never ever free up a deactivated account… At least I hope it never happen again in the history of email!!!

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