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I’d like to donate to Firefox but… :(

I really love Mozilla Firefox!

It’s my default browser since its launch date…

But it seems that these days it needs users’ donations to keep itself alive.

I’d really like to donate to Mozilla for its Firefox but unfortunately our banks are restricted by America 🙁 So the banks are not connected to the world and we cannot pay directly and easily!

I’m sure a lot of Iranians love Firefox as well, and they would like to donate to it but this problem is a huge obstacle for them.

I want to say America, not only restrict us but it’s people and companies.

I wish we could help Mozilla and other nice companies.

Why Yahoo! and Gmail should never ever release a user ID to others?

I don’t know whether you noticed that In 2013 Yahoo announced that deactivated Yahoo IDs will be released… Yahoo asked people to register for their dreamed IDs…

I registered for aftabgardan[@]yahoo and fortunately after some time, Yahoo alerted me that I’m able to sign up for that ID.

I registered it for myself and now I am the owner of that ID.

Yesterday, I received a newsletter from a university, so I noticed that previous owner has an account in that website… I tried to reset his/her password by typing my new email in “I forgot my password” section and I could reset the password and log in to his/her account!!!!!

It is a really terrible idea!!

I’m really afraid of the future!! If after some time, for example google free up my accounts, do you know what happens!? All of the websites in which I’ve registered could be under control of the next owner of my account!

It is the reason which I can be sure that Yahoo and Gmail should never ever free up a deactivated account… At least I hope it never happen again in the history of email!!!

a suggestion for

Today I was mailing this URL to one of my students:….0…1c.1.45.serp..9.2.175.DAEn3quu3IA

It’s a Google search result…

Isn’t it too long?

I think Google could add a button to top of result pages and let users click on it to get a short URL of that page via service directly.

For example that long URL could be converted to this:

I’m sure Google will add this feature someday…

Attachment problem in mail compose

One of the most common problems I as a none-English language have with Compose in mail boxes is: I forget to attach the file(s) I’ve mentioned in the context of the post!

for example I write (in Persian): Dear customer, download the attachment and replace it with the old file on your website… and tomorrow, the customer replies: You have forgotten to attach the file!

The best solution for this problem is that Gmail and Yahoo, translate the word “Attach” and “Attachment” and their derived words to all languages in world and they check the mail context before sending it. If the user has typed any of these words in any language and they have forgotten to attach anything, the system should alert them to check whether they want to attach any file…

I hope Gmail and Yahoo read this post and pay attention to it. 🙂

Online Will

Last night I thought of my death:
If I possibly die tonight, what happens to my websites?
Maybe a month later, they would be expired and no one can access their data and all of my articles will be dead too! Because no one knows my passwords and the way they should manage my websites.

I thought of a solution for this problem and finally found a good solution:
Everybody checks his/her mail box (Yahoo or Gmail) regularly. For example, I check my box almost every day. OK it can mean that if I do not check it for (for example) two weeks, maybe I’m dead.
So, Gmail or Yahoo can add a new feature to their mail settings to let users write an “Online Will” and define how long after their last visit and to whom it should be sent!
I can write all of my essential data (like passwords and CPanel addresses and how hosts and domains should be renewed) and send them to one of my closest friends’ email (or my brother’s) and he/she can act as I’ve told in that Will.

I hope Gmail reads this post and add this fantastic feature 🙂