I’d like to donate to Firefox but… :(

I really love Mozilla Firefox!

It’s my default browser since its launch date…

But it seems that these days it needs users’ donations to keep itself alive.

I’d really like to donate to Mozilla for its Firefox but unfortunately our banks are restricted by America 🙁 So the banks are not connected to the world and we cannot pay directly and easily!

I’m sure a lot of Iranians love Firefox as well, and they would like to donate to it but this problem is a huge obstacle for them.

I want to say America, not only restrict us but it’s people and companies.

I wish we could help Mozilla and other nice companies.

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  1. Manoochehr-z on April 4, 2016 at 12:01 pm said:

    Me too. If i could pay them with rial currency, i would.
    But unfortunately we are under sanctions and we can not pay them.
    I have tried to donate both firefox and Wikipedia but i haven’t been able to donate with iran currency.
    Hope it will be solved soon.

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