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I’d like to donate to Firefox but… :(

I really love Mozilla Firefox!

It’s my default browser since its launch date…

But it seems that these days it needs users’ donations to keep itself alive.

I’d really like to donate to Mozilla for its Firefox but unfortunately our banks are restricted by America 🙁 So the banks are not connected to the world and we cannot pay directly and easily!

I’m sure a lot of Iranians love Firefox as well, and they would like to donate to it but this problem is a huge obstacle for them.

I want to say America, not only restrict us but it’s people and companies.

I wish we could help Mozilla and other nice companies.

a suggestion for

Today I was mailing this URL to one of my students:….0…1c.1.45.serp..9.2.175.DAEn3quu3IA

It’s a Google search result…

Isn’t it too long?

I think Google could add a button to top of result pages and let users click on it to get a short URL of that page via service directly.

For example that long URL could be converted to this:

I’m sure Google will add this feature someday…

Usability: Why iPhone is for Admins and Managers?

In my opinion, iPhone could be the best choice for administrators and managers. Why? Because of its fantastic design!

Look: many of managers spend most of their time in meetings. imagine you have forgotten to silent your device and someone calls you and it starts to ring. OK, no problem, you can silent it just with a press of your finger! even, no need to take your hand in your pocket! you can press Silence button from over of your pants! Or you can single click on On/Off button to silent the device or double click to reject the call!

I’ve never seen this action in any other cell phone!

Or if your device is not with you and you can not silent it, the iPhone speakers are not like crazy Sony Ericson or Samsong devices which trouble people when they start to ring! iPhone speakers play in a medium tone, neither low not loud, and it is what is expected form a high-class manager.

These are really helpful, specially for me as Muslim who spends some times in Mosques with his iPhone in his pocket…

Another fantastic hidden behavior I discovered today, is this:

You can add many emails to your Mail Accounts and send email from any of them. iOS 7 monitors your behavior and intelligently learns what to do in your next email sending… for example imagine you have 2 mail accounts: and [one for home and another for work]

if you send an email to with your account, next time you type or choose to send a new mail, iOS automatically chooses your as the sender!! no need to choose yourself! it does that for you…

These examples are part of a hot topic called “Usability”. Your application or device should reach the users to their goal at the minimum amount of time and learn users’ behavior and put them into action...

Have you discovered any hidden tips like these? Share them with us…


Update: I wish Gmail add this feature to its Compose window. When we type an email in TO field, FROM field could be automatically chosen from my email accounts based upon my previous actions…