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Some games need time to be won

Have you ever played this kind of puzzle?

If you would like to download a series of them click here.
The wallpapers are some photos of our city (Saveh). It is part of our project about Saveh that was started about 5 years ago and of course was stopped that year too πŸ™
Today, I remembered it just because one of our stuffs wanted to add that to the SANA (Electronic Magazine of Savehsara)
When I was a child, I thought that it is the most difficult game inΒ  the world! even I thought that it is impossible to solve that!!
Some years later, I could solve it after a long time!
Today, when I tried to solve that, I noticed that it is the simplest problem between the problems and algorithms that I solve these days while I’m programming!!
Yes, some problems need time to be solved. so, If you couldn’t solve a puzzle, don’t worry, maybe it’s not its time! πŸ˜‰