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Last night I thought of my death:
If I possibly die tonight, what happens to my websites?
Maybe a month later, they would be expired and no one can access their data and all of my articles will be dead too! Because no one knows my passwords and the way they should manage my websites.

I thought of a solution for this problem and finally found a good solution:
Everybody checks his/her mail box (Yahoo or Gmail) regularly. For example, I check my box almost every day. OK it can mean that if I do not check it for (for example) two weeks, maybe I’m dead.
So, Gmail or Yahoo can add a new feature to their mail settings to let users write an “Online Will” and define how long after their last visit and to whom it should be sent!
I can write all of my essential data (like passwords and CPanel addresses and how hosts and domains should be renewed) and send them to one of my closest friends’ email (or my brother’s) and he/she can act as I’ve told in that Will.

I hope Gmail reads this post and add this fantastic feature 🙂

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  1. AmirKhan on November 25, 2012 at 7:04 pm said:

    reqularly must be regularly.
    please consider
    It was a excellent offer.

    • Thanks for your correction, Yes, these bugs are natural for us… like you yourself who wrote “a excellent” instead of “an excellent” 🙂

  2. Imagine sb is very rich(sb likes apple’s head boss), and it is so clear that after his death, everybody around him, turns to sth like buzzard 😀 , and maybe they will use his power to destroy the world (like anishtain’s inventions-atomic bomb), so ur decision cannot be suitable here 😉

    it was just an example, ur self think about the reality.

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