my opinion about The Nature of Existence

Tonight I got a chance to watch another documentary about GOD and Religions called: The Nature of Existence

I didn’t like it! Why? You may find your answer in my email which I sent to its filmmaker:

Hi there,
Tonight I watched your documentary and enjoyed a little…
Many people around the world wish to have your opportunity to travel around the world and search for GOD, but I think you waste your time and opportunity:(
Why? because you didn’t talk to people who are the head of the religions!
Specially, Islam. I’m a Muslim and I think you could talk to more intelligent and more aware Muslims, instead you talked to people that are in the streets!

When you want to search about Mars, you talk to people in the street? definitely No, you’ll discuss with a astronomer. So isn’t GOD as important as Mars?
If you talk to heads of Islam (like our leader, Imam Khamenei or other AyatAllahs at his level), you could get the answer of all of your questions and you could enjoy the life and discover the secret of life more and more πŸ˜‰

Anyway, next time you got this opportunity, please try to discuss with more important people and do not try to destroy any religion.

I’m waiting for your next and better documentary πŸ˜‰
Thanks a lot.


Some games need time to be won

Have you ever played this kind of puzzle?

If you would like to download a series of them click here.
The wallpapers are some photos of our city (Saveh). It is part of our project about Saveh that was started about 5 years ago and of course was stopped that year too πŸ™
Today, I remembered it just because one of our stuffs wanted to add that to the SANA (Electronic Magazine of Savehsara)
When I was a child, I thought that it is the most difficult game inΒ  the world! even I thought that it is impossible to solve that!!
Some years later, I could solve it after a long time!
Today, when I tried to solve that, I noticed that it is the simplest problem between the problems and algorithms that I solve these days while I’m programming!!
Yes, some problems need time to be solved. so, If you couldn’t solve a puzzle, don’t worry, maybe it’s not its time! πŸ˜‰

Hello world!

Hi there and welcome to my English blog πŸ™‚

I’m sure that you know that I write in Persian at but from now on going to write in English here, just to improve my English grammar and writing skill.

Surely I’ll have some mistakes at the beginning but I hope that I would correct them ASAP. Please tell me my mistakes and help me to improve my English.

Going to write about anything, so there would not be any specific structure or subject. e.g: about what happened during the day, what I think about something, what I’d like to do, etc.

Don’t forget to send me your feedback πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoy the posts πŸ˜‰