Internet still needs some improvements!

It’s about 4 hours that I’m looking for a couple of drivers for an Apple MacBook Pro laptop (for windows 7).

It is really funny that I finally couldn’t even understand whether these drivers has been presented by the manufacturers or not!!

I explored more than 20 websites which I referred by Google but each one has its own method to catch money not to handle my problem 🙁

More funny than that is that the manufacturers’ websites (specially Broadcom and AMD websites) are like a puzzle!! You have to click this link, then that link, again another link and finally nothing!! Instead they could print a Serial Number or Code on the product or a digital code on the heart of the product (which is visible to the OS) then they could put a clear link called “Download Driver” then they ask that serial number or code or part of the product name then suggest some download links… (Or clearly answer: There is no driver for the OS you’re looking for)

They must consider the customers! We don’t have that much technical information about their product model or exact name, etc.

On the other hand, Google should manage its results on a better way! It could put more reliable websites on the top of the results page, but now, unfortunately some “Spam Link algorithms” have caused some spam websites be upper than others 🙁

I personally prefer WolframAlpha because of its fantastic management of data, I’m sure that Google finally has to do so!

Anyway, seems that we have a long way to reach to a fast Internet! (Not fast in speed but the way you could find exactly what you want)

Hope we see that world 🙂

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